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In accordance with the law adopted in the United States, we have decided to cease activities related to the provision of escort services. Instead, we decided to create a new Dating service that completely eliminates sex trafficking. We reserve the right to choose for you, you can independently search through open sites on the Internet escort services, but we are completely moving to a new stage of development of our business! At your service we will provide questionnaires of women and men who wish to get acquainted with disabled people from England, the USA and other European countries for the purpose to marry or get married.

Unbelievable, but it is a fact! Russian women are ready to marry people with disabilities from capitalist countries, and at the same time they are ready to invest their personal money in a new family! Where did Russian women get the money from? You ask! - They are ready to sell their apartments they got from the state for free during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now a studio apartment costs about £ 100,000 

Hurry up to take the turn for Russian brides with a good dowry! Among other things, Russian women have fantastic kindness and patience. Beautiful women with a European appearance, highly educated, who love classical music and ballet, will probably become your brides in a few days!

During the great Patriotic war in the period from 1941 to 1945 in the battles for the liberation of the Motherland killed more than 30 million people and catastrophically lacked men and Russian women were happy to marry disabled people who returned from the war without arms and legs. Now the situation is repeated. Russian  men began to drink the traditional Russian drink VODKA out of desperation and began to die by the thousands after sanctions against Russia destroyed the country's economy. Beautiful and young, highly educated girls and women can not meet men, because they simply do not exist! Therefore, for foreign disabled people there is a great opportunity to take advantage of the situation and find a young and beautiful wife!

We can provide for our guests with disabilities all the necessary conditions for holding dates of a sexual nature! But ... we can’t control your conversation with a girl who is a volunteer and a sex worker, and you have to solve all issues without coordinating with us, since in the USA and Russia there is a TABU on this subject! But we can arrange meetings with girls for you! You can meet them, because no one forbids this! 

We really do not want to spoil relations with the United States and respect them and are afraid to break the law, even despite the fact that we are in Russia! We believe that the United States is a legislative country for the whole world and all of humanity. Violation of the laws of the United States can lead our company to sad consequences, starting with sanctions and ending with generally not clear what !!! Therefore, because of the fear of punishment and the consequences of this crime, we decided to completely stop advertising the services of sex workers, of which there are several million in Russia !!! 

We can provide you with all the simulators for raising and lowering during sexual games, we can show how they work, but we cannot provide sex workers for fear of punishment!

We are currently developing a new idea that will help you find women for a pleasant pastime and getting sexual services, but we can not advertise the price for their services and not their activities themselves! You can make contact with these women from Russia and negotiate through your translators, as we can’t even provide you with translators to discuss intimate issues, since it seems to us that the United States can hold us responsible for mediation services in sex trade! Use translators on the Internet!